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            SJD-50TC直流接触器(陶瓷直流接触器)主要用于电动汽车 / 直流充电桩 作切换电流作用;

            型号 :【直流接触器】SJD-50TC
            品牌 : 【苏继电气】
            产品型号及含义 Ordering Code

            This relay typical application:
            ◆主要用于电动汽车 / 直流充电桩 作切换电流作用;
            Mainly used for electric vehicle /DCcharging pilefor switching current.
            Remarks: Customers need other rated voltage canbe customized.
            Small and lightweight:Internally adopt reliable sealing technology and filled with hydrogen which arc colling ability is high. It can cut off high voltage DC in a short time.
            High contact reliability:Due to the contact sealed in the hydrogen therefore it will be not oxidized also achieving the contact of the dustproof and waterproof.
            Safety and reliable:Use the professional explosion-proof structure designto achieve a high degree of securityadopt magnetic quenching helps to cut-off the DC load quickly.
            Application:DC charging pile electric vehicles hybrid vehicles battery charging and discharging systemPhotovoltaic power generation system such as dc high voltage application.

            线圈参数 Coil Data
            驱动参数 Driving parameters
            额定线圈电压Nominal coil voltag 吸合电压 Opreat voltage 释放电压 Release voltage 线圈功耗 Coil power consumption
            12VDC ≤9VDC ≥1VDC 3.0W
            24VDC ≤18VDC ≥2VDC
            触点参数 Contact Data
            触点负载 (FLA)Contact load 50A/750VDC
            触点形式 Contact form 1H
            接触压降 Voltage drop across contacts  25mV Max @50A
            极限通电电流 Limited of curren 200A 10 秒
            最大切换电流 Max switching curren 500A,750VDC(1 次)
            最大切换电压 Max switching voltage 900VDC
            最大转换功率 Max switching power 375KW
            电气耐久性Electric endurance 50A/450VDC-75000 次(阻性负载 Resistive load)
            50A/750VDC-20000 次(阻性负载 Resistive load)
            机械寿命 Mechanical enduranc 2×105
            性能参数 Performance Parameters
            绝缘电阻 Insulation resistance 1000MΩ(1000VDC)
            dielectric strength
            Coil to contact
            4000VAC 1 min
            Across open contact
            3000VAC 1 min
            闭合时间 Operate time ≤ 30ms
            断开时间 Release time ≤ 10ms
            冲击稳定性 Shock resistance functional 196m/s2(20G以上)20G above
            冲击强度 Shock resistance destructive 490m/s2(50G以上)50G above
            环境温度 Ambient Temperature -40 ~ 85℃
            湿度 Humidity 5 ~ 85%RH
            抗振 Virbration resistance 10-200HZ,49m/s 2
            引出端方式 Terminal M4 内螺纹 Internal thread
            单位重量 Unit weight 160g
            封装形式 Package 陶瓷封装 Ceramics encapsulation